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Monster Weaknesses


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Go Weak in the Knees!

Some monsters are famous for having weak points. Skeletons are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage. You can make ettin heads argue with each other. Trolls don’t come back from fire damage.

It’s fun for players to exploit those weaknesses and feel smarter. Plus, it provides another option besides hitting a monster over and over until it falls down.

Give more monsters that satisfying weak point with Monster Weaknesses. Written as a companion piece for Tome of Beasts 3, it contains ways to make any monster more interesting with a fatal flaw.

This 13-page PDF contains:

  • Ways to spice up encounters for jaded players!
  • Over 50 different monsters from Tome of Beasts 3 given new weaknesses!
  • Advice and pointers for designing your own monster weaknesses!

Give your players new ways to feel powerful and win the day with Monster Weaknesses!

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