Monster Chronicles: the Inevitable (Pathfinder RPG) (PDF)


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The Slaad have a long history in gaming, back to White Dwarf and the Fiend Folio. The Inevitables are more recent creations, but just as strange in their own way. How strange? Designer Stefen Styrsky shows us in this, the second Monster Chronicles installment.

Monster Chronicles: Inevitable takes the tick-tock guardians of order and shows you how to deploy them in a Pathfinder game. Indeed, with insight into what makes the inevitable work (and not work), the Monster Chronicle is positively celestial, but totally practical.

The Monster Chronicles series provides ecologies and variants for lesser-known monsters as well as some gaming classics. Every monster will come with adventure hooks and surprises to catch even the most seasoned adventurer off-guard.

The Inevitable is written by Open Design author Stefen Styrsky, whose prior credits include Sunken Empires, the Iron Gazetteer, Dwarves of the Ironcrags, and articles in Kobold Quarterly.

Pick up Monster Chronicles: Inevitable now, and give your Inevitable a surprising twist!



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