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Kobold Quarterly Year 4 (Bundle) (PDF)


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D&D 4e, Generic, Pathfinder


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Four Issues For the Price of Three

Catch up on your back issues with the Kobold Quarterly Year 4 Bundle! (And while you’re at it, pick up Years 1 through 3, too.)

It’s astonishing how much you get with the KQ bundles. Year four brought the magazine new polish and sharper art and writing, including

  • Sex and Romance in RPGs
  • Ecologies of the Shoggoth, Giant Ant, the Gearforged, and Tengus
  • A New Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Base Class: the Arquebusier of Alkenstar
  • Cultist Classes, Gambler’s Magic, and More for 4th Edition
  • Three complete Mini-Adventure
  • New Freeport Backgrounds for the Dragon Age RPG, by Chris Pramas!
  • Exclusive and official Pathfinder content, including articles by Paizo staff

That’s a lot of goodies for your hard-earned cash, but of course the kobolds are always delivering more, including:

  • Interviews with Rob Heinsoo, Margaret Weis, and Robin Laws
  • Paladins, secret languages and aasimar PCs
  • New mounted combat and potion miscibility rules for 4th Edition D&D
  • New Druid variants, traps, magic, and weapons for Pathfinder RPG
  • Harem Assassins feats and spells,
  • Columns by Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, and others!

More than 300 pages of great Kobold gaming that’s small but fierce!

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