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Kobold Quarterly Year 3 (Bundle) (PDF)


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Four Issues For the Price of Three
The third year of KQ the magazine gets bigger and more colorful!

In a single 4-issue bundle you get gems like the dwarven goddess of ale (by Ed Greenwood), 4th Edition Wish spells, the Philosopher’s Stone for D&D, how to torture PCs, shadow elves, plus the Ecologies of the Vampire, Hill Giant, Maenad, and Froghemoth. Plus interviews and commentary with Dave Arneson, Mike Mearls, Christopher Perkins, Jeff Grubb, and more.

There’s also rules for madness and sanity in D&D, the reinvention of the Halfling, Dwarf and Elves by John Wick, new specialty clerics and the spell-less ranger for the Pathfinder RPG, drugs from beyond the grave, real-world ninjas, secrets of the gelatinous cube, and so much more. Plus Monte Cook’s regular column on game design!

More than 270 pages of great Kobold gaming that’s small but fierce!

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