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Kobold Quarterly Issue #20 (PDF)


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NOTE: PDF version is also available in the Year 5 Bundle Value Pack

Kobold Quarterly issue #20 takes a look at archers, with an elven archer base class for Pathfinder RPG, a shadow fey hunting party on the prowl, and new arrows carrying acid, fog, and razor filaments.

KQ #20 also features Jeff Grubb on the lost elves of Midgard, a Q&A with designer Christina Stiles and a new Zobeck adventure—plus vile Derro ooze magic, planar allies, AGE system specialties, 4e racial utility powers for gnomes, tieflings and minotaurs, and much more!

Here’s the full 84 pages of RPG goodness:

  1. The Elven Archer Class
  2. Arrows of the Arbonesse
  3. Derro Ooze Magic
  4. Servants from Beyond
  5. Putting the Band Back Together: Veteran PCs
  6. AGE of Specialization
  7. The Bardic Arts
  8. Unearthed Ancestry
  9. Night Terrors: 4 horrors
  10. Captured in the Cartways adventure
  11. Fey Hunters & Shadow Hounds
  12. Small Spirits: Nature Spirits to Reckon With
  13. Make Haste! How to Create Ticking Clock Adventures

Plus regular features by the industry’s best designers:

  • The Power of the Game Master by Monte Cook
  • Ask the Kobold by Skip Williams
  • Q&A with Christina Stiles
  • The Ruins of Arbonesse by Jeff Grubb


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