KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 3


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Our best-selling series continues! The Kobold Guide to Game Design Volume III: Tools &Techniques goes even deeper into the territory of professional design with a dozen essays by an all-star lineup of industry veterans including:

  • Award-winning designer and publisher Wolfgang Baur
  • 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons designer Monte Cook
  • 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons designer Rob Heinsoo
  • New York Times best-selling author Ed Greenwood — a few copies signed by Ed are now available
  • Videogame and tabletop RPG designer Colin McComb

Readers will find nearly 100 pages of tips, tricks, and how-to guidance from the pros about:

  • Designing combat systems
  • Sandbox and event-driven adventure design
  • Working well in collaborative design
  • Optimizing encounters for roleplaying
  • Creating memorable characters and dastardly plots
  • The principles of 4th Edition design
  • …and more!

The Kobold Guide to Game Design Volume III is a great resource for professional designers and GMs who want to take their homebrew campaigns to the next level.

94 pages


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