KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 2


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Get serious about your game design, with advice from professionals on all the major facets of design. This volume contains more than a dozen crucial essays to help you succeed in freelancing, playtest, and publication, including:

  1. The Art of the Pitch
  2. Challenging Players
  3. Freelance Discipline, AKA Talent Won’t Save You
  4. How to Run a Playtest with Real Results
  5. Design From the Bottom Up
  6. What Playtest Teaches You
  7. Mystery Adventures
  8. Creating Play Depth
  9. How NOT to Design a Magic Item
  10. Fortunate Accidents
  11. How to Make Your Design Matter
  12. How to Sell Designs and Influence Editors

This 96-page collection of essays—many previously presented only to patrons of OPEN DESIGN—is now available to the public for the first time. Improve your design — and your odds of publication — today!


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