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A Dozen Ecologies
What makes a monster tick? The right story and a few new tricks that your players will never expect!

This set of all-new and revised Ecology articles from Kobold Quarterly magazine compiles a dozen creatures with rich backgrounds, lore, and diagrams – all in one place to make it easy to find the details you need to inspire your next adventure – or your next campaign!

• The Ecology of the Barghest by Nicolas Logue
• The Ecology of the Centaur by Wolfgang Baur
• The Ecology of the Cloaker by Paul Leach
• The Ecology of the Derro by Wolfgang Baur
• The Ecology of the Golem by Ross Byers
• The Ecology of the Half-Giant by Clinton Boomer
• The Ecology of the Homunculus by Joshua Stevens
• The Ecology of the Lich by Richard Pett
• The Ecology of the Maenar by Matthew Hanson
• The Ecology of the Phantom Fungus by Scott Gable
• The Ecology of the Retriever by Matthew Banach & Clinton J. Boomer
• The Ecology of the Revenant by Joshua Stevens

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