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Isekai’d (PDF)


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Tales of the Valiant, D&D 5e


Phillip Larwood



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Welcome to a Whole New World

Behind every wardrobe, down every alley, and through that garden-variety looking glass are new worlds of adventure and fantasy outside our mundane, humdrum existence. For fans of KonoSuba or even the original Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, step into the world of isekai, where normal, everyday people find themselves dropped into these fantasy worlds.

Do they long to return home? Do they find themselves embroiled in the conflicts of their new world? It’s up to you to decide!

Isekai’d is a 14-page PDF to get your Tales of the Valiant or 5th Edition isekai campaign rolling!

  • Develop your isekai world, from how your party ended up there to the grand plot tying the world together.
  • Pull from a variety f genres to create a campaign that is perfectly tailored to your group.
  • Use spells, rituals, and new monsters to emulate the isekai experience!

Jump into the nearest portal and get ready for a brand new adventure with Isekai’d

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Valiant.

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