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Imperial Gazetteer (4th Edition)



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The Imperial Gazetteer

Vampires and spectral knights long ago claimed the country of Morgau & Doresh as their own, leaving the ghouls their empire deep beneath the earth. Both are fully detailed in this volume by award-winning Open Designers Wolfgang Baur and Scott Gable.

Travel deep within the palatial crypts of deep realms where death fears to tread. This gazetteer provides 4th Edition D&D gamers with:

1. A history of the undead nations above and below the earth.

2. A giant cast of undying antagonists and allies.

3. A new undead race of necropolitan ghouls for PCs to join the unliving.

4. The subterranean realms of the Emperor of the Ghouls.

5. Undead-themed gods and magical items.

6. More original, inventive undead than you can shake a stake at.

From the minds that brought you the Empire of the Ghouls, a new source of campaign terror!

74 pages, with complete maps and full 4th Edition stats.

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D&D 4e


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