Errata for 2nd Printing (PDF)


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Errata and Clarifications for Tome of Beasts

All the errata and clarifications listed in this PDF are incorporated in the current 3P version of the PDF sold here. They are likewise included in the 3rd Printing of the hardcover (as noted on page 3).



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2 reviews for Errata for 2nd Printing (PDF)

  1. Joseph Kennedy

    Although this does clear up a lot of the typos, there are still many more to fix. There is a description, but no picture for Ala. The Cave dragons refer to a burrow speed but only the wyrmling has one.

  2. Head Kobold

    Can confirm that there is a picture for the Ala! It does not appear in some PDF readers, but does appear in Acrobat and most other readers. It is also present on the pawns and in the hardcover, of course.

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