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Eldritch Lairs Map Pack (18 JPGs for VTT)


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Player-Friendly Maps for Your Favorite Virtual Tabletop!

The Eldritch Lairs Map Pack brings you 18 great player-friendly maps for the Eldritch Lairs adventures, including versions  that show and conceal hidden passages. The 18 maps are for the following adventures.

  1. Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava (4 maps)
  2. Under the Devil’s Thumb (2 maps)
  3. Pit of the Dust Goblins (2 maps)
  4. Crypt of Green Shadows (2 maps)
  5. Ley Stone of the Indigo Star (2 maps)
  6. Shrine of Qorgeth (2 maps)
  7. The Undying Tournament (2 maps)
  8. Castle of the Wind Lords (2 maps)

Each high‑resolution battle map comes with a grid and a gridless version, so you can use it with a projector or with a virtual tabletop.

Add the Eldritch Lairs Map Pack to your game today!

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