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Dungeon Tables for 5th Edition (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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Adventure, Monsters, Spells and Items

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Random Tables for Every Situation!

Get on-the-fly inspiration for combat, encounters, towns, adventures, treasure hoards, and more with Dungeon Tables! This 52-page supplement provides a robust collection of random tables to generate mysterious trinkets, quirky NPCs, encounters for every environment, and other tantalizing details of your world.

Dungeon Tables over 50 random tables that cover a variety of topics, including:
• Critical hit descriptions and additional effects tables for every damage type
• Town, tavern, and NPC generators to create instant social encounters
• Dungeon dressing tables to generate details that engage all 5 senses
• Travel challenges and monster encounter tables for 9 different environments

Make your GM’s life easier with Dungeon Tables today!

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  1. kiwichrisbutcher

    A awesome wee resource that my school club GMs and I have used for in school. Has made lovely little stories and helped me explain how the game works to new players.

    Helped support a new DM in understanding how to set a scene!
    Thank you.

    (Still very gutted I missed the original Kickstarter for initial resources).

  2. Rodrigo Henriques

    Great ideas for one shots, prepping or even improvise an encounter.
    Personally I would like more imagery. Some people are not into AI, but with good prompting it would make the items and monsters stand out. In the end, either AI will be used to make the book or the DM’s will use it themselves.
    Great add-on to our endless GM tool kit.

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