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Deep Magic: Winter Magic PDF (5th Edition)


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Winter Has Come!

The seasons have power, and that of winter is respected by all living beings—indeed, most of their lives the rest of the year are devoted to preparing to meet it. Winter is blinding snow, and ice driven by howling winds; it is branches stripped bare and hung with icicles, landscapes buried in drifts of white. You have learned to command its power, and unleash on your foes.

The 20 pages of Deep Magic: Winter Magic bring the secrets of winter magic into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • A new Blizzard’s Heart primal path for barbarians
  • The Frozen One, a warlock patron who is the embodiment of winter
  • Fimbulwinter’s Advent, a new rune ritual
  • 20 new spells, including clash of glaciers, ice fortress, steal warmth, and more!

Those who oppose you would do well to plan long and carefully. Like winter, you are a force to be reckoned with: a combination of elemental power, dangerous beauty, and the relentless nature of the storm.

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