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Deep Magic Vol. 1: The Theurge (PDF)


Sold By: Kobold Press Store

Harness the Divinity of Magic! 

Summoned from the pages of Deep Magic Volume 1 comes the Theurge, a powerful new spellcasting class from Kobold Press!

Adepts of both divine and arcane magic, Theurges wield a powerful range of spells and abilities capable of bolstering their allies and defeating any enemy! This 13 page-supplement contains everything a player needs to create their own Theurge, and master the raw essence of magic, including;

  • A complete guide to the new Theurge class, an Intelligence-based spellcasting class capable of casting both cleric and wizard spells!
  • Three Theurge subclasses; the Dweomercrafter, sculptors and shapers of new spells, the Mystic, wielders of potent psychic energies and the Spell Siphon, who draw raw magic from other spellcasters to fuel their insatiable quest for knowledge!

Uncover the secrets of deepest magic with the Theurge!






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