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Deep Magic: Time Magic PDF (5th Edition)


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D&D 5e


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Magic Measured in Moments—and Eternities!

The control and manipulation of time is an esoteric and mysterious branch of magic. Spellcasters who seek to alter time have the
potential to perform incredible deeds. That potential is tempered by the great danger of intervening with time, which resists mortal interference.

Deep Magic: Time Magic brings the secrets of temporal magic into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • A divine option for the TIme Domain and a Timekeeper arcane tradition for wizards
  • A Lost Traveller Background for those who wander in time
  • 12 new spells, including accelerate, chronal lance, time loop, and wall of time

Mastery of time itself brings immense power to the caster, but runs enormous risks–not least attracting the attention of archmages and the gods themselves for your meddling! Seize this power boldly, and with respect for the dangers it contains!

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  1. ben2

    It’s good to see Chronomancy get more attention in any system. This adds a lot of needed flavor and solid mechanics for great divine or arcane alternatives focused around time magic.

  2. Gaetan Voyer-Perrault

    This is a solid collection of features surrounding time-related magic. A lot of it related to movement or associated buffs.

    The package has a couple of archetypes, a background and 11 spells ranging from cantrip to 7th level.

    As with most Kobold products, the ideas are good and the design is solidly executed within the the 5e rules. They even tackle some tough territory like the 3rd level spell “Accelerate” (not Haste) and the 2nd level spell “Time Step” (not Misty Step). These creative variations are great twists that don’t break the game.

    There are also a couple of spells that can change initiative order mid-combat.

    If there’s a gripe with the package, it’s that the time focus leans heavily on either affecting speed or Dexterity saves / checks. I feel like there’s [design] space (or maybe time) for a second book here 🙂

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