Deep Magic: Glyphs, Seals, and Wizard Marks


82 Glyphs and Symbols of Power!

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Symbols of Power!

Create memorable player handouts with 82 mysterious and evocative magical symbols! Deep Magic: Glyphs, Seals and Wizard Marks includes aboleth glyphs (with translations), angelic seals, demonic seals, and wizard marks.

Use them to create:

  • Dire warnings on dungeon walls
  • Potent seals on treasure chests
  • Powerful spells and curses in ancient scrolls
  • Mysterious tattoos on NPCs (living or dead)
  • Etched symbols on magic items
  • Omens and portents in dreams, stone, smoke or stars

Let your imagination run wild! This PDF is a great companion to Deep Magic, or any game where the supernatural is a force to be reckoned with. Craft some glyphs and runes today!

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