Deep Magic: Elven High Magic PDF (5th Edition)

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Powerful Magic of a Bygone Age!

Legends say that the elves of ancient times could enchant entire cities, change fate, and even reshape worlds, with a power that nearly infringed upon the authority of the gods. These feats are unheard of today, and most non-elves believe elven high magic has died out. But this power still exists, as a closely guarded secret practiced only by the elves and their shadow fey relatives.

Deep Magic: Elven High Magic brings the secrets of high elven magic into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • An Elven High Magic school of wizard magic, with new abilities including Ritual Focus, Bound Magic, Ritual Mastery, and High Magic
  • 17 new spells, including black swan storm, song of the forest, afflict line, cosmic alignment, and more

Let the dwarves bluster, and the humans swagger in their ignorance. You will reveal your true power when the moment is right—for with sufficient time, an elf who has mastered the secrets of high magic can accomplish almost anything…

1 review for Deep Magic: Elven High Magic PDF (5th Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5

    First impressions, this book is gorgeous, and the art is in harmony with the content of the book. Despite this, the spell section is sparse, but I know enough about publishing to know that it would be a pain to do even a few pictures for a spell section when the product is supposed to be small like this product is, so no worries there. Plus I imagine that an eventual spell compilation will have much more art.

    As for the content, this book seems to be less a treatise of elven magic and more of a showcase of a specific wizard archetype. Although the spells within are interesting and balanced, they are really meant to be used by a wizard school to get the maximum benefit. While this is a great concept, it doesn’t feel like a robust entry into the Deep Magic product line. Most of the other products we have gotten come with things like feats and alternate methods of entry into a given subject, such as the Angelic Seals product.

    That said, it only makes the scope of the product slightly more narrow than I would have liked. On its own, this is an amazing product, and I just happen to love Elven Wizards very specifically! Would I take this and use it in my games? Most assuredly! This Wizard school, for admittedly selfish reasons, is tied for first place on my list of wizard schools I’d like to try!

    And as for the spells themselves, they are amazing. The mechanic that keeps them from being completely broken allows them to be even and reasonable, but I do have to question if they are TOO amazing when used with the included Wizard School. Some of the effects are simply amazing, and although I’d love to have access to them, the GM in me would be remiss to allow it. That said, I would probably personally tweak the spells in question to require specific an expensive material components in addition to their current requirements.

    Ultimately, I love this product, and I can see how it fits in well towards the greater scope of Deep Magic. It inhabits a special space that can be tweaked and prodded by a cunning GM to create a number of amazing stories. The tools provided by this product are a wonderful resource that might fill a niche, but fill it quite well. Save for a few matters of preference, such as a feat that might let you access the special magic in this book, I heartily recommend Deep Magic: Elven Magic

    4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.

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