Deep Magic: Elemental Magic PDF (5th Edition)

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Magic that Soars, Flows, Burns, and Crushes!

Primal forces seethe beyond the boundaries of the world, in planes where the four elements clash and vie with each other for dominion. Air howls free and swift! Earth stands indomitable and unyielding! Fire rages unchecked! Water ebbs and flows!

Some mortals carry a spark of elemental magic in their very souls, while those who study arcane lore bend its secrets to their will. Others—out of desperation or arrogance—strike bargains with beings of unfathomable power from the Elemental Planes.

Deep Magic: Elemental Magic brings the secrets of elemental magic into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • An Elemental Essence sorcerous origin, the Genie Lord warlock patron, and an Elementalism arcane tradition for wizards
  • Two new elemental magic feats: Negotiator and Survivor
  • 17 new spells, including rolling thunder, flame wave, caustic torrent, and spire of stone

Channeling the primal forces of creation is a dangerous calling, but its power is like none other. Let your mortal form be the conduit for these planar energies, and unleash the fury of the elements on your foes!

1 review for Deep Magic: Elemental Magic PDF (5th Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Opening with an almost-poetic paean to the elemental powers, the introduction describes how beguiling and indeed easy it is to tap in to them… yet it is dangerous in the extreme. These are not powers to be trifled with or accessed lightly. Tapping in to the elemental planes has the potential to release far more energy than the mage might expect, and elemental creatures are just as bad – most seek to surround themselves with their element, no matter the damage that they might be doing to their surrounds. Nothing malicious, they just don’t realise the harm that they can do.

    There’s a note about elemental magic in Midgard, where the Dragon Empire and the Southland deserts are particular hot-beds of elemental magic, then a new sorcerous origin is presented: Elemental Essence. Throughout, there are options to base one’s power on air, fire, water or earth; and naturally all abilities key in to the chosen element.

    For budding warlocks, there’s a new Patron, the Genie Lord. Strange, inscrutable and innately quarrelsome, they cannot be fully trusted yet offer much to those who make a pact with them. Wizards are not neglected, there’s the new Arcane Tradition of Elementalism which provides many options for gaining mastery of the chosen element.

    Finally, there are some seventeen new spells. Most relate to a particular element – not stated, but it’s pretty obvious – and there’s a good range of dramatic effects. There’s also a single magic item, the magma mantle, but it is intended as an example – see what you can come up with!

    This opens out exciting possibilities for a spellcaster wishing to specialise in elemental magic. Experiment carefully!

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