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Deep Magic: Combat Divination PDF (5th Edition)


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Turn the Tide of Battle!

Some who follow the path of sword and shield scorn magic as a tool of the weak—but there is a kind of magic that even they respect. It enhances a warrior’s ability to anticipate foes’ actions, allowing them to react even before an attack takes place. Its practitioners can see subtle cues in the flow of battle that others miss, heed premonitions of victory or woe, and hone their intuition to a keenness that can save their comrades’ lives.

Deep Magic: Combat Divination brings the secrets of combat divination into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • New Farseer sorcerous origin, Sybil warlock patron, and Prescient Knight martial tradition.
  • Two new feats: Arcane Prescience and Clairvoyant Warrior.
  • 19 new spells, including insightful maneuver, litany of sure hands, sidestep arrow, and soothsayer’s shield.

Smoke chokes the air, and the clash of metal and screams of the fallen ring in your ears. But you have no fear, for you are shielded by powerful magic and guided by unerring visions. Today, you shall prevail!

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  1. Craig Tann

    What is in the book is pretty good. However, the book is incomplete, the warlock patron ‘The Sibyl’ cannot be used in its complete form as 2 of the spells that appear on its expanded spell list are not present in this book but are from the ‘Midgard Heroes Handbook’ which costs a minimum of $24.99. Also, choosing pact of the chain grants you a giant moth familiar, the stats of which are not present here but are in the ‘Creature Codex’ which costs a minimum of $29.99.

    Incomplete product.

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