Deep Magic: Alkemancy PDF (5th Edition)


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Distill the Essence of Magic!

Magical elements and potions attuned to greater forces—these are the building blocks of the perenially-underestimated alkemancers! Fusing arcane acid with pure fire, with essences of life and death, those Eastern alchemists who understand the material world can better manipulate it through arcane means. From breath and pure waters, from crucibles and flasks, you have learned to mix and master liquid power, secrets of the lab now ready to unleash on your foes. The 20 pages of Deep Magic: Alkemancy bring the secrets of alchemy into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • A new Alkemancy tradition for wizards, with mastery of essences and mutability of existing magical effects
  • the 6 legendary elixirs of alkemancy, each a potion of mythic power: Black, Golden, Iron, Jade, Pearl, and Ruby elixirs
  • 18magical items and mundane tools, from the alembic of unmaking and brain juice to swarm repellants and alchemical ice!
  • 20 new spells, including brimstone infusion, acid gate, bottled arcana, quicksilver mantle, and more!

Your arcane skill with brimstone and salt, quicksilver and gold yields surprising results to those who think of alchemy as a matter of peddling potions. Your philosophy and understanding of the cosmic dance grants you insight, and that insight can be translated into creations of vast power! Those who understand the fundamental nature of the world can change that nature to suit their will—your mastery is deep and your talent immense.



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