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Dark Deeds in Freeport (PDF) (Pathfinder RPG)


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Level 9 to 10+


Cults and Chaos in the City of Adventure

Even by Freeport’s jaded standards, the last three months have seen some peculiar happenings. Assassins easily dispatched an elven thief who had eluded them for six centuries, robbers breached an impenetrable vault, and poison claimed the lives of several well-hidden mistresses. Word has reached you that Freeporters in delicate or dangerous positions are willing to pay top coin to stop the flow of secrets…

Dark Deeds in Freeport is a five-part Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure arc anthology for PCs of 9th-12th level. Following a trail of mystery and supernatural horror from Dead Dock to Scurvytown, the Chambers Asylum and beyond to the mind-splintering secrets buried deep in the city’s pre-human past, these all-new adventures—published under special license with Green Ronin—do justice to this classic RPG setting.

To run it, the GM needs access to Pirate’s Guide to Freeport and the Freeport Companion: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition. (You’ll definitely want the Freeport Companion’s optional Insanity Point rules for this one!)

By Mike Franke, Philip Minchin, and Christina Stiles.

These linked adventures feature:

  • swashbuckling, sin, investigation, and insanity familiar to fans of Green Ronin’s popular Freeport, City of Adventure setting
  • new spells, new magic items (from minor to near-artifact level), new monsters, and new fully-statted Freeport NPCs
  • Dark Deeds is fully integrated into the history and ongoing storylines of the Freeport setting, and it can be used individually or in a level-spanning mini-campaign.

Something is horribly wrong in Freeport. Something that will surely require dark deeds to set right!

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