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Cult of the Song Undying (PDF)


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Who Wants to Live Forever? A Lot of People.

A wordless song, sung by a chorus that heals every affliction and brings the dead back to life. People flock to the Cult of the Song Undying to experience healthy life, never ending!

It’s easy to see why people fall for it. But you know the truth is never that simple.

This 16-page supplement reveals the leaders and followers in the Cult of the Song Undying, what their secrets are, and how that fits into your campaign. This PDF includes:

  • 4 new magic items, including a hidden artifact at the heart of the cult.
  • 4 new spells, including a new ritual for . . . “healing,” let’s say.
  • 6 creature stat blocks to challenge PCs at every tier.
  • A campaign outline from levels 1–18 to challenge players at any level.

No one lives forever, right? Especially those who oppose the Cult of the Song Undying.

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