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Creature Codex Lairs Map Pack (20 JPGs for VTT)


Sold By: Kobold Press Store

Player-Friendly Maps for Your Favorite Virtual Tabletop!

The Creature Codex Lairs Map Pack brings you 18 great player-friendly maps for the Creature Codex Lairs adventures, including versions with and without grid lines. The 20 maps are for the following adventures.

  1. Lair of the Fire Cult (2 maps)
  2. A Rat Among Us, Part 1 & 2 (6 maps)
  3. Caverns of the Howling Moon (2 maps)
  4. Paying the Shadow Toll (2 maps)
  5. Swept Away (2 maps)
  6. Ice Maiden’s Kiss (2 maps)
  7. King of Ill Fortune (2 maps)
  8. Trollkin Hunt (2 maps)

Because each high‑resolution battle map comes with a grid and a gridless version, you can use it with a projector or with a virtual tabletop.

Add the Creature Codex Lairs Map Pack to your game today!

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