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Courts of the Shadow Fey for 5th Edition (Limited Edition Hardcover + PDF)


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A Limited Edition of 100 Copies

The limited edition of the Courts of the Shadow Fey features signed, metallic endpapers, ribbon bookmark, and a foil-stamped leatherette cover with a distinctive spine and title treatment. The interior presents the 148-page adventure in all its glory, and for those who want an exclusive edition, this is the edition with a little extra moonlit steel in its construction and a bit more fey magic in its embellishments. All hail the Queen of Night!

Intrigue & Adventure in the Shadow Realm!

A 5th Edition planar adventure for 7th- to 10th-level characters

The Free City of Zobeck has thrived since overthrowing the tyrannical Stross family. But an ancient bargain gives the Queen of Night and Magic a claim to the city—and now the shadow fey have seized Zobeck as their own. The city’s only hope lies with a band of heroes who can outfight and outwit the shadow fey in the heart of their own realm: the maze of treachery and deceit that is the Courts of the Shadow Fey.

This 5th Edition adventure takes you from the mortal world to the heart of Shadow, where you’ll:

  • Fight your way through the dangers of the Shadow Realm to reach the shadow fey’s courts
  • Engage in dangerous courtly intrigue, trying to increase your status to win an audience with the Queen herself
  • Duel for honor, and perhaps win the hand of a lover among the fey nobility

Can you free Zobeck from the grasp of the shadow fey? Or will your fate become a tale told in hushed tones as a warning against angering the Queen?

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D&D 5e


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