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Book of Hexcrawl Part Four: Factions (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Alex Dzuricky, W.F. Smith



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Win Powerful Friends. Make Deadly Enemies. Burn Down Everyone’s Plans. 

Your party isn’t the only group of like-minded folks making waves in the world of your hexcrawl. Our fourth installment in our series, Book of Hexcrawl, is all about the NPCs and groups that breathe life and drama into your campaign; factions! 

This 12-page PDF is all about creating dynamic faction play, bringing a shifting world of alliances and conflicts to your game that will inevitably draw your party out of the woods and into adventure! 

  • Ground factions within the world you’ve already created by tying them to the geography of your hexcrawl map! 
  • Build factions from the ground up using a 5E compatible statblock, generate faction-specific resources, create faction goals using our handy tables, and more! 
  • Create a living world of victories and setbacks! Track factions as they achieve their goals, either due to the efforts of your party or in spite of them! 

With Book of Hexcrawl 4: Factions, it’s not just the wilderness that can kill you. It’s the politics too. 

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