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Book of Blades: Expanding the Paladin for 5th Edition (PDF)


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Are You Good For It?

Kobold Press proudly presents part six of our smash series, Book of Blades: Expanding the Paladin!

No other class goes big like the paladin. Spells and swords have never gone together better than in this high AC package. Divine Smite lays waste to foes and Lay on Hands divinely empowers friends.

Now, see a new take on the paladin in this 16-page tome. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Historical and fictional inspiration to help GM these important roles.
  • Two new subclasses—fight using lessons from history and brutal fiery destruction.
  • Battle Tactics—give all martial characters new ways to inspire their allies and cow their enemies.

And that’s not even all of it! Take a solemn oath to make melee amazing with Book of Blades: Expanding the Paladin!

What is Book of Blades?

Book of Blades is a Kobold Press special series focused on melee combat. This 12-part series examines the classes, weapons, tactics, and people that make combat a fundamental part of the fantasy roleplaying experience.

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