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Book of Blades: Expanding the Fighter for 5th Edition (PDF)


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Fight School—Now in Session!

Kobold Press proudly presents part 3 of our smash new series, Book of Blades: Expanding the Fighter!

Whether you’re fighting with swords, crossbows, or even lances, we’ve got something for you here. Answers abound in this 17-page supplement for martial characters of every stripe. You’ll find:

  • Historical and fictional inspiration to help you GM these important roles.
  • New subclass: the Skirmisher, for fighting on the run.
  • 2 new backgrounds to make your fighter stand out from the party.
  • Fast, decisive single combat rules for when your fighter goes mano a mano.

And that’s not even all of it! Learn your lesson and make melee amazing with Book of Blades: Expanding the Fighter!


What is Book of Blades?

Book of Blades is a Kobold Press special series focused on melee combat. This 12-part series examines the classes, weapons, tactics, and people that make combat a fundamental part of the fantasy roleplaying experience.

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