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Bigger Bads (PDF)


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Not Everything You Fight Is a Monster.

Some foes are people—a person with an agenda opposed to yours. Of course, we should try to talk through our differences.

And when that inevitably fails, we go to sword-based diplomacy.

The NPC stat blocks in the SRD are good, but perhaps not . . . comprehensive. Bigger Bads is here to fix that, with stat blocks for common NPC roles at a variety of CRs that aren’t already covered by existing sources.

This 15-page PDF product contains:

  • 15 new NPC stat blocks: clerics, wizards, fighters, rogues, and more.
  • A roundup of existing NPC stat blocks from both the SRD and Kobold products.
  • That’s not even all of it!

Fill out your GM toolkit with ready-made state blocks for NPCs at many levels of difficulty and deviousness with Bigger Bads!

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  1. Tyler Dugan

    An excellent book. Not a stand alone reference, but has great utility and helps with quick referencing as a GM.

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