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Alleys of Zobeck (Pathfinder RPG) (PDF)


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Alleys of Zobeck is a 17-page collection of additional NPCs, locations, and magic for urban adventure expands any city adventure or adventure path with additional NPCs, locations, and magic.

Alleys of Zobeck includes the Rampant Roach — possibly the vilest tavern in fantasy — plus the Lust domain and granted powers for priestesses of the Red Goddess, plus much much much more:

  • “Nothing to Declare” miniadventure
  • Vralgor Szarn’s territory, a CR 6 encounter
  • Clockwork Abomination, a new CR 5 monster
  • Infernally-possessed creature template
  • Goldscale the kobold paladin, with his Dire Weasel mount and Animal Companion stats
  • The Gutter Prophet and a barge-captain NPC

Normally, we’d say that’s plenty, but not this time! There’s also:

  • 5 new feats and 7 new traits for city characters
  • The Clockwork Hand magic item
  • The Incantation of Memories Lost
  • New roguish equipment and multiple small treasures tables
  • Ulmar’s Rare Books and Rampant Roach locales, with maps and NPCs
  • Blackeye’s Carriage to tour the town
  • And more!

Kind of an astonishingly good deal of adventure and recurring characters and new crunch for fans of the Streets of Zobeck adventure anthology, or a great introduction to sexy, filthy, dangerous urban adventures suitable for play anywhere!

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  1. Megan Robertson

    This work is a collection of additional enhancements for those using Streets of Zobeck (or indeed the Zobeck Gazetteer) in their campaign. It opens with a short scenario ‘Nothing to Declare’ which should be run the first time that the party arrives in the Free City of Zobek, an adventure that sets the scene and flavour of the place ready for whatever you have planned for later. It’s a neat introduction to a place which runs on favours and reeks of corruption, and provides a lead-in to whichever of the adventures from Streets of Zobeck you intend to run.

    This escapade is followed by a selection of rules material, each keyed to one of the Streets of Zobeck adventures but of potential use in their own right whether or not you are going to run the adventure in question. Clerics may appreciate the Lust domain – whichever deity they worship does NOT require celibacy of devotees! There are creatures, templates, the odd encounter… plenty to spice up whatever adventure you are running in Zobeck or, for that matter, any equivalent city. Or perhaps you’d like to introduce Goldscale the kobold and his dire weasel mount…

    There are other NPCs too, new feats (including some dirty fighting moves!) and traits, magic and mundane items that might come in handy, and more. There’s a rather odd incantation called the Incantation of Memories Lost which quite frankly baffles me. It’s not clear what the purpose is, the benefit of casting it. Better are some tables for generation the sort of odds and ends the party may find in the pockets of the next body they find in the gutter. If it’s fine dining you are after, the Rampant Roach (a kobold-run resturant) is best avoided, but there’s a description and floor-plan for those unwise enough to go in. Ulmar’s Rare Books may be worth a visit, and there are adventure ideas both for these places and for some of those mentioned in other Zobeck books. Finally if the party finds the city confusing, they might want to engage the services of another kobold called Blackeye who has a carriage for hire, taxi-style. He makes a good ally – provided you are happy with the army of cousins he recommends and the never-ending chatter about Zobeck and its inhabitants.

    Overall, a nice addition to the other two Zobeck books, but of less use if you are not using them.

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