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Advanced Races: Kobolds (PDF)


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Small but Fierce, Indeed

For a kobold, nearly every foe is a giant to kill, and they have long practice at evening the odds.

Kobolds are the ultimate underdog contenders, striving gamely to survive and conquer in a hostile and brutal world. Like all true heroes, the odds are against them—and glory is waiting to be seized in their tiny, scaled claws!

Advanced Races 6: Kobolds gives you everything you need to play a member of this iconic race in the Midgard Campaign Setting or the campaign world of your choice. Compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this 32-page book includes:

  • Practical notes on kobold ecology, culture, and gods
  • 100 kobold names and 10 traits that come with them, including Dirtskulker, Ghostsnare, and Gouge-eye
  • 7 alternate racial traits, and 26 new kobold feats
  • 7 new archetypes including Arcanomechanist, Scrap Warrior, and Tunnel Harrier
  • New gear, spells, magic items, and a collection of street traps
  • And much more!

The whole world is against you—and you have so very many surprises planned for it… Seize the moment, with Advanced Races: Kobolds!

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