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Advanced Races 8: Lamia (Pathfinder RPG)


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Sinister Serpents!

Lamia tread a strange path of violence and magic — and for a tiny few, redemption.

Though extremely rare, lamia adventurers do exist. They are almost exclusively outcasts who have struck out on their own or escaped the wickedness of their brethren. Cut off from the matriarchy and its debauched rituals, might they be something more than monsters? Might they become… heroes?

Advanced Races 8: Lamia gives you everything you need to play a lamia adventurer.This 17-page sourcebook by designer Marc Radle includes:

8 alternative racial traits including Constrict, Mystical Tattoo, and Wisdom damage

6 new lamia feats including Highborn Lamia, Serpent’s Eyes, and Snake’s Tongue

2 new prestige classes, new favored class options, a new spell and oracle mystery, and more!

You carry the mysteries of night and magic deep within your dark heart, child of serpents—and you will need them to survive in a world that hates and fears you.

Get Advanced Races 8: Lamia today and play a truly strange and exotic hero!

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