Advanced Races 12: Derro (Pathfinder RPG) (PDF)


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Stare Into the Void!

Staring into the void, the derro are waiting in their twisted cities to oversee the descent of the world into insanity and destruction. But a few of them seek a wider realm…

The strange little derro are an unlikely choice for player characters (and this supplement provides much fuel for NPC anti-paladins and savants!), but they can be a wonderful change of pace in any underdark campaign or any game with a wide scope.

Advanced Races: Derro gives you everything you need to play one of these subterranean dwarves who has seen too much, starting with derro PCs abilities, culture, quirks, and richly expanded Pathfinder RPG rules. This 19-page sourcebook includes:

  • Racial stats for lesser and full Derro PCs, plus 8 alternate racial traits from Vermin Speaker to Beloved of Madness
  • 3 extremely metal new spells: Facemelt, Madfire, and Skullsplitter!
  • Complete Minor Madness tables
  • 5 new racial feats, plus derro gear such as poisoned nets and strange magical items
  • Includes Age and Weight Tables, plus suggested names for your derro PC or NPC!
  • 3 archetypes including Fist of Madness (Monk) and Shadow Antipaladin, plus the Derro Savant bloodline

It’s all here, pick up Advanced Races: Derro today, and see beyond the walls of sanity!

This AR is a great read; it is interesting, balanced and provides an array of more than solid options. Yes, I could nitpick some of the minor hiccups, but they remain just that – in the end, this is quite frankly one of the most inspired, awesome supplements in the whole series. Good enough, in fact, to allow this pdf among the available PC-races in my own campaign and revise my stance on “No Derro PCs.”

The final verdict, then, should come as no surprise: 5 stars + seal of approval. This exemplifies what the AR-series should be about, quality-wise.



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