Advanced Feats: The Summoner’s Circle (Pathfinder RPG) (PDF)


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The Summoner’s Circle conjures forth a slavering horde of new feats and behind-the-screen insights into the most complicated and inspired new class in the Pathfinder line up.

Created by Sigfried Trent, this 19-page book includes:

  • A breakdown of the summoner class
  • 30 new feats for summoners including Cannibalistic Casting, Giant Step, and Unstable Evolutions
  • A complete character sheet for your summoner’s eidolon
  • Summoner character builds: chess master, mythic rider, and master of arms

Bring out your wild side and summon forth the fun with Advanced Feats: The Summoner’s Circle today! And check out the rest of the Advanced Feats series for the other new Pathfinder character classes.

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