In the 5E tradition, Dungeons & Ruins offers deadly risks and great rewards. All it takes is a torch, a sharp sword, and great courage…

Tales of the Valiant
Game Master's Guide

Go beyond the basics! Use new Game Master tools to customize your TOV campaign for advanced combat, social, and exploration encounters.

Tales of the Valiant

The new Tales of the Valiant RPG keeps the 5th Edition community independent and tabletop moving forward—use it to tell your own tales of 5E high adventure! 

The Latest From the Kobold Press Blog

ToV Tuesday! What changed in the final book after your playtest comments

Some people assumed the base rules in the Alpha Release would be the final book—oh man, those people will be shocked. We dug into everything, making little changes everywhere, to increase usability and address some of the more confusing pieces of the 5E rules, while keeping 5E compatibility intact. See what changed thanks to your playtest feedback!

Add new shops to your campaign’s home city, courtesy of Redtower

The village of Redtower is a modest community, boasting just a handful of interesting locations for the adventuring crowd that the neighboring Scarlet Citadel sometimes attracts. What you won’t find is a proper place to move the loot you might find in your travels or a supply of provisions heroes need for dungeoneering. These two new locations fill in those gaps!

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