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The lands of the Dragoncoil Mountains and the vast deserts south of the Middle Sea are rich in trade, ancient in magic, and dominated by a vast empire ruled by dragons.

The hunger of the Mharoti Empire’s draconic patrons never ceases, and their greed drives never-ending campaigns to gather slaves, resources, and new lands. Gold and silver trickle through the empire like rivers. Its cities and tent towns host magnificent bazaars, crowded with thieves and criminals. Caravans connect the Southlands with the duplicitous Triolans, wise Khandirans, and magic-steeped Nurians. The ambassadors of a hundred nations visit the courts of Harkesh to importune the Sultan.

And yet the empire shows signs of hubris and decay. The dragons might be reaching the limits of their power, though few would bet against them. The Mharoti people—from its tiniest kobolds and most ragged humans to the mightiest gem-encrusted vizier and sagest dragon-prince—all believe in the legends of their greatness, and in their kinship with Veles the World- Serpent, the Maker of All Things. Surely the dragons who rule are made in his image, and surely they are fated to rule the world? Such confidence is infectious, and the Mharoti legions fight harder and march faster knowing that the blessings of the Dragon Gods shine on them and their cause.

Visit a thousand stalls in the Grand Bazaar of Harkesh, loot the tombs of the god-kings, sail aboard the Sand Ships of Siwal, or ascend the Sky Stairs of Beldestan—ten thousand mysteries of mountain and desert abound in the Dragon Empire and its surrounding lands!

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