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What to Do with Haffuns?

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new-dm-logoWhere’s the love for NPCs? Well, Ennie-award-winning designer Ben McFarland decided to offer his help with his article on incorporating John Wick’s new take on halflings from Kobold Quarterly #10, “Haffuns: Seeming Servants.” He presents several ideas for incorporating them into your own campaign.

Dismissed as unimportant, as if that’s what the “N” and “P” stood for in NPC: uNimPortant Character. Players might think them nothing more than background dressing, worthless fodder for cleave or fireball, annoyances that either need to be saved or sidestepped before that giant comes crashing down the street…

To check out Ben’s thoughts on using haffuns effectively in your campaign, visit our friends at dungeonmastering.com.

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