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I need a knew adventure! (One that won’t hurt my head!)

You too? We’re in luck…!

This week, everyone needs more adventure, so Warlock Lair 33: Fowl Play is free to download, a most excellent 1st-level adventure for 5th edition.

To get yours, just sign up to the newsletter below to have the coupon sent to you, and then adventure! This special offer will be available through Sunday, June 14.

Warlock Lair 33: Fowl Play

An Adventure Most Fowl!

In years past, the Bell family was acclaimed across the Magocracy of Allain for their facility at alchemy and the transmutation of mundane beasts into magical beasts and hybrids. The most recent Lord of the Keep, Victoir Bell, is known more for his drunken proclamations of arcane greatness than for any facility with managing the estate. Despite this, the people of Belcassel love him and look forward to his erratic displays of illusion and evocation at feast times. His son and daughter have used materials from the Bell family library to experiment on the local fauna, creating a dangerous number of magical creatures.

Upon discovering his children’s actions, Lord Bell confronted them in a liquor-fueled rage. He was promptly killed and partially eaten by one of their experiments, a startled griffon, which fled into the nearby farmland. Now, the creature’s rampage through Belcassel’s farms and fields threatens to disrupt the Bell children’s plans, making them desperate to get matters under control before their father’s death is discovered…

This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for four 1st-level characters. Designed by Kelly Pawlik, it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Phil Stone.


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