Preliminary Sketch 1Curious to find out what our master of Real Steel is up to, are you? Then here’s the gist of it: Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor from Norse mythology, will be created in forged steel, high-quality art prints, and T-shirts.

Further, original graphic art will be created using pencil and/or pen and ink by the project graphic artist, David Gdula. David and Todd will collaborate so the graphic art represents the style and feel of the finished metal work.

So, what’s involved in this particular Kickstarter? Take a look at more of the details provided by the project smith: Todd!

Forged Steel Pendants

Mjolnir pendants have been popular in the Scandinavian, Norse, Celtic, and Baltic countries for centuries. I will forge these myself.

Full-Sized Mjolnir

Preliminary Sketch 2Up to three will be made depending on backing. I have obtained three antique sledge hammer heads. Two are 8 pounds and one is 11 pounds. I estimate the two smaller heads to be 50-75 years old and the larger to be about 100 years or more. All three have been exposed to the elements and will require a considerable amount of cleanup and reworking. I deliberately set about finding antique tools rather than buying new steel to make the hammers. In my opinion, giving new life to these old tools makes this project much more interesting.

After the final designs have been imagined by the two of us, and after we have committed them to paper, I will forge, grind, blue, engrave, etch, carve, and inlay as needed. Hardwood will be selected for the handles, which will be carved and which may have inlay and pewter according to the final design. I will create these, as well.

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