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New Expanded Zobeck Gazetteer for Pathfinder

New Expanded Zobeck Gazetteer for Pathfinder

Today the brand new expanded edition of the Zobeck Gazetteer is out for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This invaluable reference for the Free City includes material collected from dozens of sources as well as all-new content that you’ve never seen before.

Originally created by Wolfgang Baur for his own home D&D campaign and built out over years of adventures, sourcebooks, and Kobold Quarterly articles, Zobeck is an exotic and powerful trade city at the crossroads of the Midgard campaign setting. Stern griffon riders keep watch atop its towers, kobolds scuttle in the shadows, and long-forgotten sorcerous clockwork experiments stir to life in bricked-up cellars.

The new Zobeck Gazetteer includes:

  • New Clockwork and Lust cleric domains for Pathfinder RPG
  • A complete writeup of the city’s Arcane Collegium
  • New details of the gods of Zobeck
  • Gypsy magic, gear, and feats
  • Dozens of revised and updated clockwork, star, and shadow spells
  • All-new feats, relics, and magic items
  • Plus a clockwork wizard school!

Illustrated with beautiful city maps by Sean Macdonald, the gazetteer format provides just enough detail to incorporate Zobeck into any fantasy campaign without being overwhelming.

Come to the city at the crossroads and try your luck! You can pick up a copy at the Kobold Store.

12 thoughts on “New Expanded Zobeck Gazetteer for Pathfinder”

  1. And by expanded, I mean “more than doubled in size” and “including everything about Zobeck from every issue of KQ in the last 5 years”.

    I might be biased, but this is a really great city book.

  2. I need!

    Actually I think I have one on order from another patron project.

    The cover really sets an evocative mood.

    Reminds me a bit of older edition sourcebooks on cities, city systems, living cities or the like. Well done.

  3. Great update, lots of cool new background for Zobeck. I’m particularly looking forward to sharing the spell list with the mage from my current campaign. Zobeck is going to go down as one of the great fantasy cities of roleplaying.

  4. And of course, I bought this as well. Right now, anything coming from the Kobolds practically forces me to open my wallet. And with the upcoming 2 books as well…Neat!

  5. I’m tempted especially if it includes the clockwork folk info that was in the one issue of KQ that got ruined in a flood at my place.

  6. Yes, it pulls information from Streets/Alleys, like NPCs, locations, and magic items. It does in no way replace those products, however. The Crossroads Players Guide (now in editing–no idea on release date)includes the feats/traits from those products.

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