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Welcome to the New Store

Our ecommerce store has gone through some big changes and we are excited to share them with you! We’ve upgraded from our older ecommerce store to a newer, more secure, and easier to use ecommerce store system.

So, what’s changed?

  • Security, Speed, and Usability changes to make the store cleaner, nicer looking, and easier to use
  • We’ve moved all of our products over to the new store. Purchases made on the new store will be available for download here.
  • Unlimited downloads for all future digital purchases. You can now download your PDF files as many times as you want.
  • New products that were not currently available on the old store.
  • New shipping and payment options, allowing you more control over how you pay and what kind of shipping you can choose.
  • We’ve moved over all of the customer accounts from the old store to the new store. You should have received an email informing you of any changes to your account.

What About My Old Orders or Downloads?

  • We will be maintaining the old store for a while so that you can access any old orders or downloads that you may have made there.
  • You can access it at this link.
  • Your account information on the old store has not changed.
  • If you have any issues, please contact us using this contact form and we’ll be happy to try to resolve any problems you have.



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