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Warlock Grimoire Bundle (Hardcover)


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Enter the realms of the Warlock zine! This bundle includes hardcover copies of Warlock Grimoire, Warlock Grimoire 2, and Warlock Grimoire 3. Get all the content from issues 1-28 of Warlock and grimoire-exclusive entries to enhance your games, and save over 20% when you buy them as a bundle.

Find fantastical locales and lore for 5th Edition in these pages, including:

  • Dangerous secrets kept by the druids, from dark trinkets to hidden circles
  • Miraculous and horrific details of the dead returned to life
  • Shadow economies and criminal factions
  • Mind-bending options for dungeons
  • Boss monsters to capstone any adventure
  • Dozens of new subclasses, backgrounds, feats, statted NPCs, spells, 86 magic items, equipment, monsters—and much more!

Uncover the truths of dark fantasy for the Midgard campaign setting—or worlds of your own creation!

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