Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition (PDF)


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A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures

What happens when adventurers become the owners of a brothel? When a roguish associate asks them to attend an oligarch’s party in his place? What lurks in the Cartways besides kobolds? And what will you say when another thief tells you the only way to find a treasure is to become hunted by the Praetors?

Dark dealings, my boys, and a knife in the guts might be the price. Whose guts? Might be yours if you cross the wrong one of the Nine.

This 112-page supplement and adventure anthology is set in the seedy underbelly of Zobeck, and on its mean streets you will find:

  • Seven adventures dealing with underhanded themes, shady locations, and double-crossing deals gone wrong
  • Six locales including the Cartways Market Gallery or the Old Stross Municipal Baths.
  • A dirty dozen NPCs: kobold gearsmiths, failed Arcane Collegium students, barge captains, fey and undead ambassadors to use as rivals, patrons, peers and foes
  • A sampling of new clockworks, street magics and odd enchantments that make Zobeck the distinctive jewel of the River Argent!

You probably shouldn’t bring the paladin along on this one…

This official Midgard adventure anthology is easily portable to any setting. Designed by Ben McFarland, Chris Harris, Matthew Stinson, Christina Stiles, Mike Franke, and Richard Pett.

NOTE: The softcover edition is printed in black and white to keep cover price reasonable. The PDF offers a bit more color as shown.




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D&D 5e


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5 reviews for Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition (PDF)

  1. andy

    1st of all I love to see the Midgard world is coming to 5E.
    Waiting eagerly on my big Kickstarter about this world who i find intriguing.
    Now to this book Streets of Zobeck.
    I like how it is written in a more dark style who I favour more.
    The book is hard for me as a 5E Dungeon master to find where is what,
    when there is no city map in the book.
    There are detailse in the book who is common probeblly,
    if you have Zobeck Gazetteer for Pathfinder maybe?
    I see there is a map of Zobeck who is to the Gazetteer.

    Now you see my confusion as a new Dungeon master,
    not knowing Zobeck at all.
    Would love to see the Zobeck Gazetteer to 5E with a map,
    or is it comming in the new world book setting?

    On page 10 there is a Darakhul fever.
    You role d20 + con modifier to get your score.
    There must be something wrong with that tabel…how would it be possible to get 31+ or even much lower.
    Some Npc dont say its race ( you find in the text )
    Kobold Paladin with D6 Hp? 🙂

    The thing I care most about are how things are writen and the small details.
    Just when I dont have a Compaign book things may be bit hard to know what is where.

    Excited about future products 🙂
    ps: hope I wasent to picky.

  2. andy

    When I wrote this yesterday I just opened the book and when I notice the book is in color and my book is black & white? I was about to buy this book and Demon Cult & secret & society to Norway with 50$ shipping….Is Demon Cult & secret & society 5E in black & white too?
    I love your stuff, but I feel like I bean a bit scammed when I need to buy other stuff like the map of the city and the map is to the pathfinder system..
    I love your stuff, but I was so close to buy a book for +50$ shipping.
    My review change the more I read.
    Hope to get some feedback from you at Kobold Press about this.
    You don’t have to post my reviews , but as a customer I am not satisfied with this book.
    I got all your products to 5E and all I have are in color and great artwork.
    Some feedback would be nice and that you do something with the stuff I noted.

  3. Head Kobold

    Happy to post your review (we approve reviews good and bad). You are correct, this title is in B&W (that is why it is $20 instead of $35 or $40).

    The Demon Cults & Secret Societies hardcover is in full color (all our hardcovers are). For softcover, some are in B&W, most recently Streets of Zobeck 5E.

    I’m not clear how the map is a Pathfinder map. It’s always been a separate download, though.

  4. andreas steen

    thx for reply and clearing things up. What i mean Is that there should been a map of Zobeck in the book.
    The map with the locations In store are in a separate book described in the Zobeck Gazetteer to Pathfinder ( I play D&D5e ) If you see my point.
    Just wait for the Kickstarter to Midgard and things will solve it self.
    Why is the Midgard map only print and not digital, when there is a amazing map coming to the Kick-starter?:)

  5. Chris

    I like the book, the atmosphere and the writing are top notch. However, without a 5e version of a gazeteer and/or setting book and no integrated city map (don’t understand this choice), the book requires some guess work, extrapolation and improv. The setting book is coming, clearly, so that’s not really a huge concern. As for a map, there’s a PDF map available at Drivethru for $4, but it’s broken into 4 discrete pages (another choice I don’t understand; easily fixed with Photoshop, though). As I said, the atmosphere and writing are quite enjoyable, as are the NPCs and the locations themselves. I would definitely recommend this book for GMs who don’t mind putting a little work in to bend it to their campaigns.

    @andy – not sure if you have Tome of Beasts, but the Darakhul Fever table on p.215 is for 5e.

  6. [email protected]

    Thx Chris I got the book and did see it was a error in the book and the Tome its legit – thumbs up.

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