Streets of Zobeck Battlemaps (PDF)


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Streets of Zobeck: Battlemaps

The cobblestones will run red as adventurers battle foes on these high resolution battlemaps! Print and use these full-scale black and white battlemaps to give your urban and underground combats more flair and easier preparation.

Drawn by Streets of Zobeck cartographer Gill Pearce and scaled to provide 1 inch squares, this package includes large versions of the brothel, bar, and pit fighting den called the Silk Scabbard, Hommel’s tenement storefronts, the Temple of Painful Pleasures fetish club, the Necromancer’s warehouse laboratory, Lord Greymark’s Vaults, the ruined remains of Kaple’s machineworks and both the lost laboratory and the Black Market of the Cartways!

Includes high resolution, playable maps of:

  • The Cartways Black Market
  • The First Lab
  • Ruins of Kaple’s Machineworks
  • Hommel’s Tenement Storefronts
  • Lord Greymark’s Vaults
  • The Necromancer’s Warehouse
  • Silk Scabbard brothel, bar, and pit fighting den
  • Temple of Painful Pleasures

This map set ships in April, but we need your support today to make it happen!

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