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Southlands Bestiary (Print+PDF)


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Monsters Straight Out of Arabian Nights and Egyptian Nightmares!

The full-color volume of new monsters for the Pathfinder RPG delivers creatures from the tomb as well as creatures of the deserts, plains, and jungles—everything you need for high adventure beneath a pitiless sun!

The creatures themselves include emerald golems, werelions, venomous mummies, scorpion swarms, as well as the less familiar threats of drought swallows, the tosculi waspfolk, and Southlands titans. Every creature is original, and many are written by Southlands backers and redesigned or balanced by developer Jason Nelson, the CEO at Legendary Games and a finalist in the RPG Superstar contest.

Find new dangers, surprise your players, and enjoy the look of terror when your hardcore rules-lawyer says “That’s not in the book! What IS that thing?!”

This book includes a PDF as well as full-color print volume.

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