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Take the High Ground!

This field-ready sourcebook equips you with everything you need to run soldiers, veterans, freebooters and mercenaries — the real backbone of power at the edge of a blade.

Soldiers of Fortune is the definitive guide to warfare and military campaigns in any 4th Edition game and includes:

  • Six new veteran paragon paths from Mercenary to Spellscourge
  • More than a dozen military-grade rituals, plus new guidon banners
  • Dozens of at-will, encounter, and utility powers
  • New rules for skirmishes and sieges, including siege engine stats
  • A ready-to-run military adventure for 4th Edition D&D
  • Details of nations and mercenaries in the Midgard campaign setting
  • How to run a smart military character or campaign in a fantasy setting

Designer Matt James (U.S. Army, ret.) is a graduate of the American Military University and recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. His design skills and service experience combine to make Soldiers of Fortune one of the most authentic and playable depictions of military life in any role-playing game.

80 pages.

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D&D 4e


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Midgard Region



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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Soldiers of Fortune (4th Edition, Print)

  1. Matt James

    This product may very make you stronger, faster, and more attractive.

  2. Brian Liberge

    The full link to StufferShack’s review can be found here:

    Here’s the final summary from that article:

    The Good: The Player Powers and Paragon Paths were big hits, as well as the idea of Siege Engines, even if they didn’t get much play yet. The templates and skill challenges were the best tools for me, the DM, and I don’t normally like templates. All of the crunch is easily transferable out of Midgard.

    The Bad: I would be very happy to see this get another round of editing for a new pdf. There are just too many problems with the stat blocks for powers and monsters. In addition, I did not find much value in the Midgard Stratagem section.

    The Meh: There’s a lot of fluff about Midgard in here. It’s interesting stuff, but until I have the Midgard Campaign Setting, which is going to take a little while, this is downgraded to being maybe stealable in bits and pieces.

    Overall: This book gets a solid B+. Most of the things I had problems with were annoyances more than issues, and had easy fixes. A great bit of it is instantly useful in a fun and engaging way. My players liked it enough to do more work, which is saying a ton for the quality of the material. This will positively see good use in my campaign.

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