MC-PRO-2, Fylgyja


By Matt Dunn and Anthony Keller

The priests of Wotan in Wolfheim have heard rumor of a prophetic prophetess in the hills outside city. The ferocious animals, freezing temperatures, and dangerous environs prove to make the journey to find this hermit extraordinarily hazardous. A wilderness adventure for 4-6 characters set in Wolfheim for character levels 1-4.

This is the second of 6 adventures in the Midgard Chronicles Living Campaign, brought to you by Warduke Press. This is the beginning of Season 1, a Prologue. It may be played in 3 ways: 1) as a stand-alone adventure; 2) as a part of a longer campaign; and 3), as part of an Organized Play Living Campaign.

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This adventure may be played as a stand-alone adventure or as a part of a longer Northlands campaign. It may also be played as a part of Midgard Chronicles: A Living Campaign, brought to you by Warduke Press.

Welcome to Midgard Chronicles, a 5E D&D Living Campaign set in the far northern reaches of Midgard. Stretching from the peaks of Jotunheim to the war-torn homes and fields of occupied Krakovar, Midgard Chronicles has something for everyone. Players will be able to take their characters from convention to convention, from home play to events in their local hobby stores and continue their sagas.

Living-style campaigns differ from other Organized Play experiences in that your collective actions help shape the story going forward. Your deeds and decisions in the adventures you play have real narrative consequences in the future, affecting the Northlands in unique ways. Each of the narratives you see in our Kobold Press Newsletter articles are taken from real play experiences at actual conventions and in-store events.

This adventure is designed to be used as a part of the Midgard Chronicles Living Campaign. If you would like to use this adventure to participate in the Midgard Chronicles Living Campaign, please fill out this survey to receive the Chronicle record sheets and to register your gaming event with us at Warduke Press. Thank you!

The Midgard Chronicles Campaign Guide provides all the necessary information and details to create and play in the Midgard Chronicles Living Campaign, created and managed by Warduke Press. This document includes an overview of living campaigns, why Midgard Chronicles is different, materials to create a character for Season 1, and other details about Midgard Chronicles.

You can find out more information at our Facebook groups: Midgard Chronicles: A Living Campaign, or Warduke Press. It is a wonderful way to communicate with us and keep up to date on our continued progress.

If you have any questions, would like to be a part of our creative team, or otherwise want to get in touch with us, please contact us at:


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