Limited Edition Tome of Beasts 2 for 5E (Non-Mint Hardcover + PDF Bundle)


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LIMITED EDITION: Printed in a limited quantity with gold foil stamping and ribbon bookmarks, this volume is not available elsewhere. When they’re gone, these will not be reprinted.


A Murder of New 5th Edition Monsters!

WIZARD: “It says it used to be a dragon of the outer darkness…”
FIGHTER: “What does that even mean? Used to be? What is it now? Does anyone else speak Draconic?”
WIZARD: “It says you are not sufficiently respectful to its dragon nature. It says… Run?”
FIGHTER: “Run? In this armor?”
DM: “

Inside Tome of Beasts 2, you’ll find monsters for almost every location your heroes might journey: from farmlands to forests, dungeons to deserts, and bustling cities to fantastical planar realms—with an emphasis on dungeons and the underworld!

Tome of Beasts 2 brings you more than 400 new monsters including:

• Angelic enforcers and avalanche screamers
• Imperial dragons and swordbreaker skeletons
• Kami and clockwork tigers
• Void drakes and zombie dragons
• Death vultures and demon lords
• Swamp nagas and magma octopuses
• Chameleon hydras and shriekbats
• Walled horrors and wraith bears!

Keep your players surprised, entertained, and terrified with all-new opponents they’ve never seen before—and won’t ever see coming!


To expand your Tome of Beasts 2 experience, check out the Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs book, with encounters featuring monsters from the TOB2! Or expand your game with Tome of Beasts 2 Pawns, which work with any tabletop map, grid, or terrain!


Bundle (Print and PDF)

Game System

D&D 5e


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