Kobold Quarterly Issue #06 (Print)


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Bloody No. 6!
Kobold Quarterly gets its hands dirty!

Editorial: Three Clones Later

Forum Discussion: Comments & Questions

Table of Contents
The Truth About Tieflings
by David “Zeb” Cook

Ecology of the Phantom Fungus
by Scott Gable

True Paladins
by Richard Pett

Retreat into the East
Monte Cook

Crab Diviners of Zobeck
by Joshua Stevens

Knights and Pawns
by David Schwartz

Ask the Kobold: Q&A
by Skip Williams

Secret Messages
by Tim Connors

Blood Magic
by Phillip Larwood

Ioun Stones
by Jonathan Drain

The Alchemist’s Lair
by Darrin Drader and Sean MacDonald

Book Reviews
by Cynthia Ward and Pierce Watters

The Clockwork Oracle
by Wolfgang Baur

Cartoons by Stan!
10′ by 10′ Toon
Bolt & Quiver

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