Kobold Quarterly Issue #05 (PDF)


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Happy Anniversary
Kobold Quarterly is a year old!

Editorial: New Math

Forum Discussion: Comments & Questions

Table of Contents
Jezebal, Princess of Poison Winters
by James Jacobs

Ecology of the Homunculus
by Joshua Stevens

It Came from Monster Isle!
by Matthew J. Hanson

4th Edition Designers:
Collins, Heinsoo, Wyatt

Make Your Action Points Awesome
by Roger Carbol

Ask the Kobold: Q&A
by Skip Williams

Improving You Improvisation
by Nicolas Logue

Unique Altars
by Phillip Larwood

Maximize Your Monk
by Ross Byers

Horn of Triumph: Magical Instruments
by Stefan Styrsky

V is for Vermin
by Aeryn Rudel

The Kobold Ghetto
by Wolfgang Baur

Cartoons by Stan!
10′ by 10′ Toon
Bolt & Quiver



Game System

D&D 4e, Generic


Game Masters, Players


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